My name is Hayet Vallejo. I grew up in Ecuador, and found my way to New York City in pursuit of my career as a Makeup Artist.
Although my career as a makeup artist brought me to New York, VALLEJO Select has become my personal passion. I can honestly say that I am very excited, not only for what this project personally means to me, but also for the opportunities it hopes to provide to various people, designers, and artisans from my area of the world.

At VALLEJO Select, I curate a collection of handmade items by working directly with artisans, in order to not only bring items that I love and miss to people outside of South America, but to present each artisan's work to people who may not otherwise have the opportunity to learn of the artisan or experience the care, skill and passion the artisan puts into each piece.

The idea for VALLEJO Select began first when I settled into my new home of New York City, and found myself surrounded by stores and ads that emphasize new, modern, very "now" things. These stylish and sleek products were attractive for sure, but lacked a feeling of care, of intimacy, of uniqueness, that I often find to be the most appealing characteristic in my most cherished possessions.
Walking around the city, I would rarely come across an item that reminded me of home, and I soon realized that many of the things I love most from Ecuador and South America, simply weren't found in New York.

When I returned home to Ecuador to visit my family and to show my soon-to-be fiancé where I'm from, the idea grew into its own. Exploring the cities I knew best with him, it was as if I was seeing everything through his eyes, through the eyes of someone discovering these things I love for the first time. His wonder and appreciation for the handcrafted goods traditional to Ecuador caused me to realize how others outside of Ecuador not only share my appreciation for the beauty in these pieces, but also share my awe for the skill and dedication these techniques require.

I have always valued the craftsmanship and traditions seen throughout my country, but by explaining the connection between each item and the traditions of Ecuador, as well the intricate techniques used to create them by hand, my idea to make a place for these items outside of South America became a desire.A desire to start a project that would not only make the artistry found throughout Ecuador available to others, but more importantly bring attention to talented artists that often go unappreciated.

As someone who works with her hands, I truly appreciate the skill, care and dedication required from similar artisans, as well as the years it takes to learn and refine an artist's craft. I also personally understand the struggles such artistans face in trying to stay relevant in a technology focused world that often tries to replace traditional techniques and inevitably replace the artisan.

And so, in following those passions, and after finding and inviting artisans to be a part of my idea, VALLEJO Select came to be a curated collection that not only offers beautifully handcrafted pieces from an amazing region of the world, but presents skilled artisan's an opportunity to reach new audiences and show off their craft. Each item in the collection is created by artisans, using local materials and traditional techniques, inherently inspired by the culture and history of the region, and above all made with pride, care and artistry that shines through in each piece.